About me~

My name is KaiOu(Kyle) Guo, I was born in Beijing, China, 1998/12/30. I have a interest in biology since I was only 4 years old, my goal was to be a scientist that time. However as I grew older I found out that if I want to learn biology I have to learn Chemistry and Physics with it, also being a scientist is not the best way to succeed, help others and earn money. Still I would love to do something related to biology, because that is where my interest lay. Also I’m a huge martial art fan, since I have glasses and my eyes are really really bad, boxing and wrestling will not be the best martial art for me, I’m learning TaiChi Chuan. However being a martial artist is not my goal, first of all I’m too old to start martial art training, second in modern world martial art lost many of its original purpose.


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